How to Fix “Could not connect to repository” error in Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular platforms for streaming TV shows, movies, sports, etc. It has numerous add-ons. There are steps to install these add-ons. Sometime you may encounter some errors during the installation process. In that errors, “Could not connect to repository” is a most common one. This error occurs when your kodi could not connect to repository or when you try to add a repository source or access a file in the repository. This error may appear for a number of reasons. Let us see some of the reasons for this error and how to solve this error.

Reasons for the “Could not connect to repository” error in Kodi

1. Repo address:

Could not connect to repository may occur if you enter the wrong path for the source file. Check the URL(HTTP address you have entered). The URL has to be typed exactly. Sometime mistakes may occur while entering the URL manually. Check the placing period, front slashes, case-sensitive letters in the URL. It is advisable to copy and paste in order to avoid confusions.

2. Source Status:

If you have entered the URL and still getting could not connect to repository, then there is a chance that the repository you looking for may be down or offline. To check the repository status (active or offline), enter the URL in a web browser and check for results. If it results in could not reach the site, it means the repository you looking for is expired or down. If the shows active results, then try to install again.

3. Network connection:

In case if the above two causes are not the reason for the could not connect to repository error,  then check your network connection. The error may occur even if or not connected to the internet. Check whether you have the internet connection. Open a browser and stream anything or else check internet status in the setting.

4. Kodi updates

Sometime you may have noticed, when you try to add the repo the download status will be 0% or it may not get downloaded. It occurs when the connection is timed out. And if you are using an outdated version of Kodi, it will find issues in reading the files in the repository. So make sure you update Kodi and try again.


If you get Could not connect to repository error in Kodi, then above will be the reasons. These issues can be solved easily if these issues are on your side. In case if the error is in developers side, you can’t do anything. Try any alternative repo or wait until they update the repository.

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