How to fix not working errors on Kodi easily

Where there is a will, there is a way! Where there is a way, there will obstacles!! After reaching the pinnacle of success, kodi has faced a lot of problems. Gaining a massive popularity, a lot of users start using kodi on daily basis. This even led to the server shutdown during the main events. And some of the minor flaws of kodi were revealed those times. One such thing is Kodi not working error. This is one of the most common kodi error. There are a lot of other online tutorials available to solve this issue. Only very of them helps to solve the issue.

I personally tried a lot of methods, some sucked up and some worked like a charm. And then I was totally confused why some methods works and others don’t. So after did some background research, I finally found the results. The catch is, I didn’t have enough knowledge on kodi, so I tried every tutorial I can get my hands on. So I even ended up trying solution for correct stuff. So here I am providing my unique way of approach to this problem. I will share the contents from my point of view.

Simple Stuff first: Update Addons, Repo, Kodi

You won’t believe me, how many errors can be solved by simply updating your kodi. It’s as simple as it sounds. Sometimes most of the files are outdated, so the server rejects them because they are outdated and has the possibility of running unwanted scripts. So kodi stops these files from running and throws the appropriate error. So make sure to keep all the file updated in kodi.

To do this you may need indigo kodi addon. It helps to back up your current version of kodi and update all the addons in a single click. It saves tons of times. It also has a special script called rejuvenate kodi. If will fix some of the common dependency error. In addition to that update all the repository to be on the safer side.

If possible also update kodi to the latest version. At least make sure to update kodi 17.6 version at least. Since Leia beta version has been released, most of the popular addon will update their code based on the new version. So make sure to update kodi once in a while. This triple update step will fix most of the issue.

Factory Reset Kodi With backup

Sometimes no matter what we do, the error can’t be fixed. During that time, the factory reset is the only way. But you can save your data. You can use indigo kodi addon to take a backup of the existing data. And factory reset kodi by using the same addon. Here comes the most important step! Don’t install backup now! First, install the indigo kodi addon, and use the GitHub addon installer to update to install the famous addon. In doing so the updater will install all the necessary dependencies. Now the addon will work for sure. Use the addon for some and make sure to install the add-ons from the backup.

That’s all about fixing not working kodi issue. Hope this article is informative and helps you to solve the issue. If any other issue, do let us know in comments.

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