How to Fix Windows Phone Errors

The Windows Phone version 8.1 is the follow up to the Windows Phone version 8, which have been rolled out to the devices rather quickly. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform is not without its flaws. In this problem, we have to see the common Windows Phone 8 issues that have been reported by Windows Phone users, and we give the solutions to quickly deal with them. If you are facing any of these Windows Phone 8 problems, you have to follow the steps provided in this article.

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Issue: Black screen during calls

Nowadays, so many Windows Phone users are facing the problems with their screen going black whenever they make or receive a call on their Windows Phone 8 device. This makes it unresponsive. During that time, it is very difficult to cancel or end the call.


  • If you click on the Power button twice on your Windows Phone, then the screen should blink back to life. In that time, you have to quickly end the call.


  • This type of error has occurred because of the proximity sensor. First, you have to make sure that you don’t have a screen protector covering it. It’s always present next to the front-facing camera at the top of the phone.
  • You can also make sure that there’s no dirt covering it.
  • Some of the users have already reported success by pushing on the screen where the proximity sensor is located.
  • You should ask for a replacement unit, although some people have to face the same issue on more than one device.

Problem: Camera Not Working

Some of the users are having problems with their camera on their Windows Phone 8. In such cases, the camera button and the camera app icon simply don’t seem to perform anything. In some other cases, a message will be displayed on the camera failed to initialize.


  • Try to pressing and holding the camera button for a couple of seconds and see if that starts it.
  • Otherwise, you have to press and hold the volume down button and the power button together for 10 seconds. Now your phone will restart and the camera should be working again, but the problem might reoccur.


  • First, you have to make sure that your software is up to date and then check your device manufacturer’s website.
  • Now you have to take back up any important files and reset your phone via Settings > About > Reset your phone.

Problem: Fast battery drain

Some of the Windows phone users have reported that their Windows Phone 8 device is running out of battery juice very quickly. This problem has been occurred because of poorly optimized apps, syncing problems, or something else entirely. Now let us see how to fix this problem.


  • First, you have to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Skype and Facebook apps available on your Windows Phone. Some of the Windows phone users have reported that both apps as major battery problems, but ensure that uninstall and reinstall the results in its improved performance.
  • The Nokia company has been advised the people to exit apps using the back button so that they close rather than continue to run in the background. You can also select the Settings > Applications > Background tasks and block any apps that you don’t want running in the background.

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