How to fix Windows Update Errors

Windows 10 is receiving the updates constantly. During the time of updating Windows, you may receive the errors like Windows Update Error. During that time, you don’t know what to do? Don’t Worry. Here we can provide the simple methods to fix the Windows Update Errors.

1. Windows Update Troubleshooter

This is a very easy step, but it’s a better one to take first. Generally, Windows has a built-in troubleshooter that will try to detect and automatically resolve any problems related to the Windows Update. If you want to access it then you have to open the diagnostic file from the official Microsoft website. Otherwise, you can try a system search for troubleshooting and then select the relevant result. A Control Panel window will open. Under the System and Security, You have to select the Fix problems with Windows Update. It will open a new window.

Now Click on the Advanced link and then click on the Run as administrator, it will help to find more issues. Now click the Next. It begins to detect any problems and then automatically repair them. If it finds any issue, then it will list them and whether it was able to resolve it or not. Here you can select the View detailed information to find out more.

Once complete, then click on the Close to end the troubleshooter. You can try to run the Windows Update after rebooting your computer and then see if it resolved your issues.

Clear Updates Download Folder

You have to clear the folder where all of the update files are stored will force the Windows Update to download freshly, which can help to resolve any problems.

Initially, you have to press Windows key + R to open Run. Enter C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and then click OK to open the folder. Now you have to delete everything from the folder, but do not delete the folder itself. To do, press CTRL + A to select everything and then press Delete to remove the files. Once every file in the Download folder has gone, restart your computer and then run Windows Update.

Disable your Antivirus

Generally, your anti-virus software could not interfere with the update process, but there have been reports that temporarily disabling it can solve the update problems. Each and every anti-virus should have its own method of disabling it, so you have to load it up and turn it off. To do this, Open the Settings or Options area or right-click the icon in your system tray and you can find the option to disable it there. Once disabled, the Windows update problem will be resolved.

Use the Media Creation Tool

If the Windows Update still not working very well, you can clear its use entirely by using the Media Creation Tool. This will create an installation file of Windows 10 and have been what you used if you upgraded to the operating system in the first place. It is not sending your computer back to the factory settings, it will just forcing an upgrade through a different method.

This method should keep all your system settings in a particular place, there is no point in taking any risk. Make sure that you have taken a backup or created a system image before proceeding to this step.


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